888 Release Limited Edition Titanium Poker Cards!

888 Release Limited Edition Titanium Poker Cards!

The 888 release Limited Edition Titanium poker cards are a great option for those looking to upgrade their pasteboard decks. Made from quality plastic, they feel smooth to the touch and are easy to shuffle and deal.

The price is on the higher side compared to other similar products but they are still much cheaper than purchasing a set of standard pasteboard playing cards.



Product Description

If you want a deck of cards that will stand up to many shuffles and deals, these are your best bet. Made of a semisynthetic polymer and cellulose acetate polymer, they are incredibly tough and long-lasting. Unlike cheaper pasteboard options, these won’t bend or tear after a few poker outings and can last for years. They also feel great to the touch, with a modiano stiffness meeting KEM smoothness. These are the best plastic playing cards on the market and are a solid purchase for your home poker game or your next trip to the beach or pool! Available in poker size and jumbo index.

Product Features

The card features a unique 'Notes' screen that can be opened by left-clicking over your opponent's name or avatar. The screen will remain open until closed, and will display all previously taken notes. It also allows players to 'throw' fun animated objects at their opponents, adding extra entertainment to the game. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the 'User Settings' menu. In addition, the card has a limited edition number of 200 pieces. 888 hopes that this will help to increase its value among collectors. It is a further sign of the strong link between poker and entertainment that 888 aims to maintain.

Product Specifications

These premium playing cards are ideal for cardistry, tarot, magic, and traditional table dealt poker games. They are made from high-quality plastic that is durable and long-lasting. They are smooth to the touch and easy to deal and shuffle.

These cards are a great upgrade from the pasteboard options available in stores that will bend, tear, or thicken after a few uses. Quality plastic cards can last a long time and are more cost-effective in the long run than constantly replacing your pasteboard sets.

These cards are produced on a 12 point 320gsm black-core card stock with excellent color quality and sheen. These decks do not come sorted, and you should expect some slight front-back print drift between decks. They also do not feature a tuck box.

Product Recommendations

Cards are a card game's most essential element, and a good deck can elevate your game night to a new level of sophistication. Whether you're playing poker, blackjack, or another card game, quality plastic cards will provide the best handling for your favorite game and make shuffling and dealing a breeze.

While many players use cheaper pasteboard cards, they may not stand up to the rigors of playing and can often bend or thicken over time. Higher-quality cards are made from plastic film and cellulose acetate polymer, which make them extremely durable and a better choice for card enthusiasts.

Plastic cards are available from a variety of manufacturers, including Copag, Modiano, and Kem. They tend to cost a little more than paper cards, but they're an investment that lasts much longer and can be used for years to come. They also have a more premium look and feel that is sure to impress your friends 카지노사이트.


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